I recently received feedback in my email from a bluecat competition reader, regarding my feature screenplay, BLACK AND BLUE.  This is what they had to say:

Here we have Victoria Jackson, a cop stuck in a hard place due to the fact that another cop, Dorothea is corrupt. 

The action in the script makes the pace fast and raises the tension. In the first scene there was tension and I was pulled into the story immediately and I was invested in the action. The script really had dynamic action and the story was so believable and the motivations of the characters were strong.”

They also said:

The characters in the script are rich and each one of them is filled with important details relevant to the script as well as their own individual agendas and voices. I especially liked Victoria and Dorothea. They both are juxtapositions to their profession... The ending of the script was great.

This story is very, very important to me.  The work of a writer is never done.  After rewrites, it will be time to practice pitching.  Now I’m going to figure out how I can post a pdf of my short ‘Five Minutes.’ I can’t wait to get the notes on my other feature, “False Promises.”


Interested in reading ‘Five Minutes?’ Well, now is your chance.  It also gives me the opportunity to see if I can post it correctly, so here goes.

You can read it here: fiveminutesshortfilm



Good news! No, great news! I’m a quarter-finalist in the Fresh Voices screenplay contest, for my feature ‘Black and Blue.’ Out of 1500 entries, I am the top 30%.  In a few weeks, they’ll announce the semi-finalist and then the grand prize recipient.  Words can’t express how happy I am, and it shows me that my hard work and perseverance pays off.

I’m looking forward to seeing where I place on the Tracking B, Bluecat, and Screencraft competitions.  Check it out.


On April 2, I photographed an episode of Callie and Izzy for Nicola McEldowney.  She’s already working on season 2 of her funny web-series, where she directs, stars, and produces.  If you haven’t seen it, click the link.  It’s hilarious! I’ll be photographing another episode in like 2 weeks.  It’s fun putting on the Director of Photography cap and learning on the fly.  So note to self people, that actor you hired might give you work in the future.



I thought it was high time I updated my site.  With trying to enter festivals, post production issues, and writing screenplays, I lost track of time.  Untoward, my short film is going to the WIFF in September.  You learn something new with each and every film you make and I sure did.  We did the impossible that first cold weekend of November.  Jacob Krueger puts it best on his recent essay on ‘Dunkirk.’

So the first key: know what your character wants. The second key: allow the worst thing to happen all the time. The third key: know what you are building, even if what you are building doesn’t fit with what people expect.

I’m working on the second draft of a particular screenplay and then I’m going to write another story that is lined up.  But for 2018, I do intend on entering contests again for two other screenplays.  One is a rewrite and a complete revision on one of my first screenplays.  And somewhere in the middle of all of that, I want to rewrite another short I wrote.  Now if I could just find some time to practice my bass…




Willifest was a grand success.  Untoward’s first film festival was an exciting blast and props go to Michael Helman the Director of Willifest.  It was fun seeing the film with a big audience.  And I have to thank my cast and crew, because without them, we wouldn’t of been accepted in a film festival less than a year after making the film.  Unfortunately are actors Vivian and Felicia had to leave, before the Q & A section, but I’m sure they enjoyed hearing the audience reaction.  Now I must scurry and find me a producing partner for my next short film.


OFFICIAL SELECTION - Williamsburg Independent Film Festival - 2017 (2)

Where does the time go? Almost a year ago we filmed Untoward.  I wrote Untoward back when Harvey Weinstein wasn’t in the news for his unprofessional advances and sexual attacks on women.  But I read that certain ride share drivers, regardless of the law, decide to violate their female passengers or follow the passengers back to their apartment.  I wrote Untoward because this does happen and I wanted to do something about it.  I wanted my crew to be equal men and women and, if you look on Untoward’s Instagram you will see I accomplished just that.

Michael Haneke is known for stunning his audiences and leaving them to decide the ending of the film, rather than handing a beautifully crafted answer at the end.  

And I’m happy to say the Williamsburg Independent Film Festival wants Untoward in their festival schedule.  The festival takes place November 16-19th in Brooklyn at  I hope to see some of you.  I’ve already written my next short and the enemy is Mother Nature.  I’ll discuss that on a later date.  And Black and Blue, which I mentioned above, will be getting a rewrite eventually. Untoward will screen Friday night, the 17th of November at 10:45 at night @ the Cinema at the Wythe Hotel.  Then the feature ‘The Midnighters’ will screen after.  


laurels 2018.png

Tomorrow Untoward will be screened at the Katra film series.  And then in two months Untoward will be screened at the NYC Independent film festival.  We’re waiting to hear from another festival next week and we couldn’t make a film in Connecticut, and not enter a Connecticut film festival could we?


I’ve been busy readying two feature screenplays for contests.  I visited the Austin Film Festival for the first time in October of last year.  And I was one of the first to see I Tonya, Three Billboards, and Chappaquiddick before anyone else.   I hope you can come out and see Untoward.  I’m also in search of a producing partner for my next short film.  After I send these two screenplays in, I have to rewrite a short, and start research on another feature.  When a manager asks me what else you got, that will not be a problem.  Make sure you look into the New York City Independent film festival.




2018 New Haven FF Logo

Hello everyone.  We had a great time attending the New Haven International film festival and NYC indie film festival.  My instagram account writeranthondp has been hacked.  So I changed my account to my untoward instagram.  Our festival circuit isn’t over yet.  We still have some festivals left to hear from.  Nevertheless, I’m excited about starting another draft on a short film.  After that I need to do research for another short film and I’m in the research and outline stage, for another feature screenplay.  They always say if you must make a feature, do it with as few a locations as possible.  I have just the idea and it deals with a current topic.  A topic that is in the news a lot.  If you want to help me produce my next short or know a producer, please contact me.  Time for me to get to some photography work that I’ve been neglecting.

September 7, 2019


Greetings everyone! It’s been a long time since I’ve updated my site.  And I’ve been busy.  This year I’ve worked on three, that’s right three feature screenplays.  This year was the rewrite year.  What are these three? A movie idea my friend came up with, another story about a bad teacher, and finally a court drama that takes place in a jury room.  If a teacher accidentally shot and killed a student during a school shooting, would the teacher be found guilty?  Are we leading in the 21st century by inspecting our teachers to protect our students? And with firearms? So I wrote a screenplay about this timely thing.  I’m looking for a producing partner for this film RIGHT NOW! And yes future producer partner, you will be compensated.  If you’ve produced features before and would like to help, please by all means send me a email.

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